About Freedom Reigns

About Freedom Reigns

Freedom Reigns was founded in 2009 with its brand headquarters located in Los Angeles, California. Freedom Reigns Collections combine a sense of sport with fun LA fashion trends and daring ideas. Though never acknowledging one specific demographic over another, Freedom Reigns collections convey a look of youth, fitness and sport.

Freedom Reigns underwear is made in boxer, brief and jockstrap styles with the latest trending colors.

Swimwear and athletic wear coordinate each season with each underwear collection creating a cohesive look to be worn at the beach, on the street or at the gym…The man who wears Freedom Reigns is confident in the fact that he will not see himself coming and going.

The Freedom Reigns brand defies limits, not only in its design, color choice and look but also in its use of the most unique and finest fabrics available.

Freedom Reigns believes their clothing should “feel natural and comfortable yet also be durable and of the highest quality.

In 9 years Freedom Reigns has become the #1 ultra-premium brand of men’s underwear worldwide with their complete line proudly made exclusively at their factory in Downtown Los Angeles's Fashion District.